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Rhythms of Nature Diffuser Blends


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Using only 100% essential oils in each crystal infused blend, helping to relax, uplift and energise & reset mind, body and spirit.



When a day at the spa is calling, but life is needing us elsewhere. Create a serene space with renew, helping to recharge the batteries, invigorate the senses & stabilise the being. A mindful blend that invites a balance of peace, clarity and a sunnier disposition.


Cleansing, refreshing, clarifing, uplifting but deeply calming. Happy encourages an open heart, away from fears & invites us to take a joyful approach to life. Breath in the sunshine


A relaxing and clarifying tonic for mind and soul. The perfect blend for creating space and peace within.


Sooth and uplift the spirit with solitude. A deeply gorunding, yet revitalising blend to help shift feelings of stagnation and overwhelm to flow, hope and optimism.


A custom blend to strengthen immunitiy and defensive Qi. Helping to relax, uplift and renew not only mind and spirit,but also encouraging the physical to relax and expand whilst building inner resilience.

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