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Kids Transformation Bracelet w Fossil Coral

Spiritus Stones

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  • 6mm matte Fossil Coral
  • Select material: 14K Gold-filled. Gold-filled is a gold-coating process that offers a much thicker gold layer than gold-plated jewellery. The benefit of this is a much more resilient gold coating, is less likely to tarnish, and safer for metal allergy sufferers.
  • Kid's size: 14cm wrist (Approximately 5-8 year old with standard size kids wrist)
  • Handcrafted in Australia using natural gemstones and elastic cord
  • We are conscious of child safety, so please ensure child is above the age of 4 as this piece includes small gemstone beads that can come loose if not treated with care

FOSSIL CORAL is a grounding stone that brings about transformation and change, opens the door to love, increases vitality and brings a new sense of inner peace and wisdom. Found in the mountains of Indonesia and by the warm Florida shores, this ancient stone takes over 20 million years to develop when agate forms over the fossils.

GOLD & SILVER amplifies the gemstone energy.

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