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Aromatic Mist


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Hanako’s ‘I Am...’ Vibrational Scents were carefully created to provide a natural alternative to synthetic perfumes. Derived from the Earth’s raw materials – using pure essential oils, gem and flower essences, crystal-infused purified water – and mantra, this Natural Perfume range helps to raise your spirits and energetic being, not only through scent but through the energetic properties each ingredient holds.

Handcrafted in small batches in Australia.

It is Hanako’s mission to bring a moment of sacredness and stillness to every home. A moment to breathe consciously, set a positive intention and nourish one’s being with self care and love before beginning the day.  Simply spray over the crown of the head, around and on the body, take a deep breath and voice your ‘I Am…’ affirmation. Why ‘I Am…’ you ask? For whatever you put after these two powerful words creates your reality.

Live your light – be it, share it, spread it, honour it.

Which ‘I Am…’ are you feeling today?

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