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Tealight & Tin Pack

Northern Light Beeswax Candles

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24 Beeswax Tealights & 2 Re-Usable Tins

The Tealight Candle

The world’s most used beeswax tea light, with a guaranteed burn time of 7.5 to 8 hours

This award winning tea light offers the most economical burn time of any beeswax tea light.

Sensible economics and sustainably made with good intention – the safest fume rating of any candle.

Australia’s original and most trusted beeswax candle.

Perfect paired with the original Northern Light Reusable beeswax tealight tins.

burn time 7.5 to 8 hours
dimensions 25mm h x 40mm w


The Re-Usable Tin

100% recycled tealight tins: these are the only Australian-made tealight tins available on the market.

Some of Northern Light's loyal customers have been using the same tealight tins for over sixteen years! That is genuine sustainability.

All alternatives are made from aluminum or plastic and produced with considerable carbon footprint.

Aluminum is a known impacter on the environment, a hard hitting one at that. Other manufacturers use aluminum disposable cups because they are cheap, with little regard for the impact these have on the environment.

If the objective is to promote a healthy environment, placing beeswax candles in a disposable aluminum or plastic container is contrary to sustainable practice.

Make your decisions count and choose the option that has the least impact on our environment.


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