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Bath Soak Sachet - Lavender & Oat Milk

Mimosa Botanicals

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A nuturing and soothing blend for your bathtime routine.

Take some time out for yourself by adding 125gm to a full bath, hop in & relax.

Epsom salts provide a magnesium boost for tired and aching muscles.

This gentle, nurturing, soothing combination of epsom salts, organic ground Australian oats, organic botanicals of lavender and chamomile with essential oils of French lavender and German chamomile is simply lovely!
Great to use before bed to assist in sleep, as a relaxation tool and also for sensitive skin.
Oats are remarkably soothing for itchy, sensitive skin, as is chamomile.

Lavender and chamomile are well known for calming & relaxing over active minds and bodies.

Packaged in a 125gm sachet or 250gm sachet

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